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Find enclosed  details of  welding electrodes machinery required by a company from Iran. Company details including  email ,address, website, telephone number,. name of contact person, for this specific enquiry and other requirements for machinery & related products  will be sent on subscription. Please email us or contact on 91-022-25664078/55554853  if interested.  Details of buyer for a single enquiry are also available on payment of  our nominal charges                                                Feedback form                                                                                                                                                      

Present activities: company is an Engineering firm. We design and installation of industrial factory project.
Will install Electrodes welding  machinery in North of IRAN in GORGAN.
The nominal capacity is 1200 tons per year and normal type of Electrodes likes 6013, 7016  need catalogue, list price, list of machinery We have one offer (listed below as a  Word document) .if you have better offer for type of machines and price ,please send us your offer very soon.
(we are looking for Dry mixer cap- 400kg, Wet Mixer- cap- 150 kg, Slug Press cap- 6ton, Extrusion Plant -a) Wire feeder, b) Extrusion Press, c)Conveyor and High speed wire straightening and cutting machine. Electrode decoating m/c, online electrode printing m/c, metal trays, Baking oven, Welding transformer, Weighing machine etc for manufacturing one welding electrode plant with capacity 1200 tons in year ,3 tons per shift).

To  view Bill of material, specifications, prices of  welding electrode line required (MS Word document) Click here    



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