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Company name: Qdot Exim Private Limited
Postal address: 149, G.N.Chetty Road , Chennai - 600005
Phone number: 91-44-52129396
Contact person: Vijay Kumar
Product details and comments
Qdot Exim Pvt.Ltd. an umbrella organization of a group of progressive companies engaged in mining and processing of Granite Stone offers a variety of granites. Qdot Exim Pvt.Ltd. is one of the dependable supply sources of Granite stones of both rough blocks and finished products. An extensive network coupled with associates spread all over the country, enables satisfied wide and varied customer needs in Granite stone products. We offer materials for every need. We can supply rough granite block from all over the country and we know where to find the specialty.Qdot Exim Pvt.Ltd. deals in colors like Absolute Black, Paradisso, Colombo Juparana, Indian Juparana, Multicolor Red, Hassan Green, Kashmir White, Kashmir Gold, Raw Silk, Tan Brown, Tropical Green, Giblee, Vizag Blue, Sapphire Brown, Seaweed Green, Sivakasi Yellow, and Victoria White etc.
In finished products we can supply:
Polished Random slabs, Cut to size slabs
Polished, Chamfered, Calibrated tiles & slabs
Steps Rough cubes

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