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Though many businesses, especially small businesses do not realize it, the quality of their content used for marketing is often an indication of the quality of the product or service. While there many well connected high status people in india offering content , articles many of them use software for automatically generating poor quality keyword rich content with spelling and other mistakes

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Promotional articles for sourcing agents in China and elsewhere. Have written several articles for Epicsourcing, a New Zealand based china sourcing agent. Sample sourcing agent article written for client who did not pay. This article is provided to indicate the writing style, please note that it is difficult to change the writing style, so kindly confirm if this content meets your requirement

Sourcing agent
The profit margin for both online and offline sellers depend to a large extent on their ability to source high quality products at low prices. Hence a large number of sellers are interested in finding suppliers from China, which is the largest exporter in the world, having a huge number of factories manufacturing a wide range of products at affordable prices. While many of these Chinese suppliers are listed online, it is difficult to guarantee that they will supply quality products on time as promised, especially if they are demanding advance payment. Hence increasingly businesses of all sizes, sourcing products from China for resale or as raw material are using the services of a sourcing agent to ensure that they get the products they have ordered.
China has a large number of factories manufacturing products of different specifications, quality to cater to the budget of customers. A reputed sourcing agent like Yousourcing will ensure that the business he represents will get the product he requires at the price he is willing to pay. Additionally most of the factories do not have staff who is fluent in English, so it is difficult for the buyers to communicate with them. Hence it is advisable to hire a competent sourcing agent who is fluent in Chinese, English and other languages in which the seller is fluent in, who will get the buyer the best deal, saving time and money, and ensuring that quality products are delivered.
Finding suppliers
One of the main functions of the sourcing agent is finding one or more reliable factories manufacturing the products which the client wants at a low price. All the factories are not promoting their products online, so the sourcing agent is expected to use his local network to find suitable manufacturers. Often for larger orders, the sourcing agent will also have to arrange for an inspection of the factory to ensure that it has the machinery and systems in place, to manufacture the products required after the order is placed. He may also meet the staff in the factory to check their experience and ability to deliver the goods.
Drafting contracts
While smaller orders may not require extensive documentation, for large orders, the buyer would like to ensure that the manufacturers delivers items according to the specifications, price agreed on time. The buyers who are reselling the sourced products are often marketing these products and any delays can adversely affect their marketing plans. The sourcing agent is familiar with the local laws, and he will draft a contract to ensure that the manufacturer will deliver the items ordered on time, and the items meet the quality specifications.
Order delivery.
After the order is placed, the sourcing agent will ensure that the factory selected will complete manufacturing the items ordered on time according to the specifications. Depending on the product specifications and order value, he may inspect the items during manufacturing or only after the product is manufactured. If the item is not meeting the specifications, he may reject the order, or ask the item to be modified to meet the specifications. He will also ensure that the item is packed and shipped according to the schedule specified, often co-ordinating with government agencies to get the necessary clearance.
Though the sourcing agent will usually charge a small fee, for his services, trade experts often recommend that businesses hire a sourcing agent, especially if they are ordering directly from china for the first time. Competent sourcing agents like X can often find factories for manufacturing the products at a lower price. They can also closely monitor the manufacturing process to ensure that the products are manufactured on time, according to the specifications, quality guidelines which have been agreed. Hence the business purchasing the goods is assured of quality products, they do not have to waste money on products they cannot sell, or losses due to delays in delivery. For specific industry sectors, the sourcing agent can also inform the seller of the latest market trends, what other sellers are sourcing from China. For customized products, the sourcing agent will ensure that the product meets the requirement of the seller. Hence hiring sourcing agents like X greatly reduce the risk of importing products from China.

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